Trips at the Coast
Astoria's.... Columbia River Mouth, and Garabaldi's..... Tillimook Bay Fisheries

The Lower Columbia River Fall Chinook & Coho Salmon fishing trips at the coast will be available August 15th thru September 6 th...    We fish near Astoria, Oregon.  The fishing at the coast is generally better than up in Portland, which inspires people to make the drive to fish at the coast for a day.  In the Astoria area the fish are still feeding so they are more aggressive biters than up in Portland.  Down here we troll baits and Spinners,  rather than anchoring with lures and plugs upriver.  At the coast we sometimes put crab traps out, and pull them up at the end of the trip.  Fresh Salmon & Dungenous Crab dinner.... YUMMY!  Book your summer fishing trips today, to reserve your seat.


     Mid October I offer Trips at Tillimook Bay, fishing along the jetty or hwy 101 for the huge Fall Chinook King Salmon and Dungenous Crabs.  This is a beautiful place to fish, with views in every direction                                                   

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