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What you can expect on a fishing trip















We will meet up at the Marina and I will walk you to the boat.  This is a good time to use the dockside restrooms before we head out.  We will then get everyone onboard, get things organized, and do a safety briefing.  After a short boat ride, I will explain how we will be fishing and how to set your line properly.  Give you the best technique to hook and land whichever species we are targeting. This is easy fishing with little to no casting required. You will have different choices of baits and lures.  Feel free to ask questions about anything at anytime.  We will fish several different spots on the river to find the fish. Sometimes we will be trolling and others anchor fishing.  People tell me that fishing with me is like going with a friend, and that's exactly how I want it to be.   We can run to the dock for bathroom breaks, as needed.  When we return to the marina I will process your fish and ziploc bag it for transport.  You supply the cooler.  All you need to bring on the boat is a Big Lunch.  I get hungry too :-)